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RYA (Raid Yassin Alezzi) Office for Engineering Consultations was established in 1984 Baghdad-Iraq ,then the office reestablished in 2004 in Germany provide engineering services and design in addition to supervision of building, survey activities and land planning.




  • Engineering consultations

  • Design and supervision aided by latest computer programs

  • Survey works and land development

  • Economic studies and developmental proposals.

  • Value engineering studies to rationalize construction cost

Hotels – Hospitals – Cultural Centers – Factories – Islamic Centers – Mosques and lecturing halls – Commercial and residential buildings – Infrastructure projects

Our experienced team of engineers supported with the latest technologies, starting from the GPS and ending with the latest engineering computer software we can originate documents and pictures that show the project stages of work, so that investor will be well informed about his work progress.



  • Preparation of feasible and marketing studies 

  • Allocation of property of residential units and land plots

  • Treatment works for buildings and concrete.

  • Traffic studies

  • Survey works

  • Division of residential unit

  • Complete all required governmental procedures to start a project including attainment of all            utilities.

  • Obtaining municipality licenses for shops and buildings

  • Signing project development contracts on behalf of the development company with major                specialized contracting companies.


The Engineering services sector is considered one of the vital sectors in the area growth and a basic and complementary element in the country development and its civilization. Certainly we are careful to perform our duty at high quality standard and under advanced engineering standards to achieve the best results, which will assist our Arab countries to achieve engineering level aligned with the volume of the current and future developmental projects. We are dedicated to achieve our ambitions in provision of high quality engineering services.

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