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We give you an over view about some of our Projects we offer and we can support:

Grain silos plants, Seed Selection Plants and grain mill plants
Electro and mechanical equipments for dams and hydroelectric stations
Halal cattle & Sheep slaughtering line

-Antibiotics different kinds

-Eye drops different kinds

-Gelatine(Halal) capsules hard or

  soft gelatine capsules

-IV-Solutions different solutions

-Rectal capsules different kinds 

Turnkey Projects in health care projects ,Medicines and medical supplies manufacturing plants


Turnkey Projects in the food industry

-Food industry

 different kinds
-PET-bottles production
  blow, fill and seal units for mineral
  water and juice

Raw materials for nonmilitary purposes
Turnkey Projects for the Hygienic products
-Baby diapers

 different designs

-Sanitary napkins

  different designs

-Non-woven fabric (wadding)

Turnkey Projects for the Medicals products

Blood bags,Blood lines,Bandaging materials,Catheters,Disposable medical plastics,Disposable syringes,Dialyzers,Fistula needles,Examination gloves,Hypodermic needles,IV-Cannulas,IV-Giving sets,Transfusion sets,Scalp vein cannulas,Surgical blades,Surgical latex gloves,Surgical needles,Surgical sutures & Uro bags

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